Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings is one of those games that are often referred to when people talk about the App Store and its successful causal games. No big story, easy controls, nice graphics and addictive gameplay. A great mix of all these attributes helped the game gain instant success among the iPhone community. Everyone’s talking about it. On Twitter, Facebook, tumblr or other blogs and networks. So I decided to give it a try, downloaded it (79c/59p) and played away. Now I want to share my thoughts about it. With you. Obviously.

It’s highly addictive.

Story and aim are very simple: a little bird, who’s wings are too tiny for him to fly long distances, needs your help to make his dream of flying come true. Luckily, this little bird lives on a very hilly island that’s surrounded by more hilly islands. So as the day starts, you start sliding down the hills gaining speed (you put your finger on the screen to make yourself heavier) to then fly through the air as far as possible after sliding uphill and launching from the top of the little hills (release the finger to start flapping your tiny wings). The further you get before the night falls, the more points you get. Collecting yellow coins or blue speed coins, performing perfect slides through the little valleys and touching the clouds in the sky on your way across the beautiful islands raises your score even more.

This easy to learn and understand way of playing the game is what makes it so perfect for playing when you don’t want to concentrate too much. But all the good casual games, if you want to call them that, follow a simple rule: “Easy to learn, hard to master”. And so does Tiny Wings.

It’s all about the highscore. But to be the very best you need to do more than being fast and getting far. The game also gives you little “things to do”. Sliding perfectly through a given amount of valleys in a row, collecting a certain amount of coins or even playing the game upside down and reaching an island far away from your nest are just some examples. After completing three given tasks your nest gets an upgrade. That means your score multiplier increases by two. The better your nest (and therefore your score multiplier) gets, the harder the little tasks you have to complete to get the next upgrade become. This feature gives the easy game a perfect depth that makes it interesting and just complicated enough to play it over and over again.

The beautiful graphics remind of picture books we all had when we were children. Combined with the very relaxing and joyful background music and the ease of playing, Tiny Wings creates an atmosphere that keeps you coming back to the little hilly islands to help your new feathery friend. Not only once did I start playing while waiting for my coffee machine to finish making a nice cup of hot coffee and then had to drink it nearly cold because I forgot about it while sliding through valleys and flying through the air, escaping the nearing sunset.

The only thing I can criticize at the moment is the lack of Game Center support to compare your scores and completed tasks with your friends.

I can recommend Tiny Wings to everyone who loves good gaming entertainment that doesn’t require several hours of playing before completely understanding the story or the control system. Pick up your phone, launch the App, play away and have fun.