Stephen’s System Extension

Stephen Hackett just introduced System Extension, a monthly ebook he’ll be releasing as a companion to the stuff he posts on the blog.

I love, absolutely love, the idea if this. Putti g together ebooks is super super easy these days, especially with Apple’s free iBooks Author for the Mac. As Stephen says on the first pages of the first, free, edition of System Extension, it’s a much more interesting and fresher idea than an old-fashioned newsletter.

Lots of people have iPads and can experience great content super easily and comfortably on their tablets, and those who don’t have one, like myself, can just get the PDF version.

512pixels members will get a new edition each month and I’m looking forward to the great writing I’ve gotten Stephen to know for.

One of my favourite writers compiled a book of posts he published on one of my favourite blogs. Minimal Mac: What We Believe In is a great compilation of well written and edited texts about Mac tips, software, tools, productivity enhancements, simplicity and what minimalism really is about (as well as many other things). I bought it yesterday morning and virtually flipped through the digital pages, enjoying one article after the other. I can highly recommend it and suggest that you all go and buy it now. For only $5 you get a .zip containing a .epub and a .mobi file, so you can read it on your kindle and any other eReader as well as on your iPhone and iPad in iBooks. And the best part: with your purchase you support great work.

Thanks for the great read, Mr. Rhone.

I downloaded the first three chapters of this book and really enjoyed them. I’d love to read on and get the whole book now. But I really, really don’t understand the price of 16€ for an eBook. I don’t want to pay that much for a 1,3MB “big” text file with 320 pages, especially not if the printed version is jut 2€ more and comes with a whole lot of stuff (from Amazon’s description: “the items inside the book’s front pocket—a psychiatric report, family photos, death and birth certificates, etc.—that allow the reader to follow a multimedia trail of clues.”)

Such a shame.

Kindle für mich?

Ich will einen. Eins? Sofort!

Ein kleiner Teil des kleinen Traumes ist ja heut schon in Erfüllung gegangen. Jetzt muss nur noch der größere Teil erledigt werden. Vielleicht noch dieses Jahr?

Inklusive Steuern und was da noch so verlangt wird, ist das Teil ja gerade mal 220€ teuer (bei aktuellem Wechselkurs). Geht. Und die Bücher/Zeitschriften sind auch angenehm preiswert. Dass man nicht im Web surfen und Blogs abonnieren kann ist mir lieber als die Raoming-Kosten selbst zu zahlen. Die übernimmt nämlich AT&T, top, oder?