Coffeenotes: Ethiopia Kebel Kercha Sidamo Guji Natural by Has Bean

Ethiopia Kebel Kercha Sidamo Guji Natural

This is the first instalment of a series I call Coffeenotes. As the name suggests, are these posts going to be about coffees I drink and would like to share my thoughts about. I’m not going to be overly formal here and describe ever single nuance and hint of flavour that any given coffee might have, but rather what I think the coffee tastes like, and how and why I enjoyed it. As of writing this, I do not intend of reviewing coffee shops as part of this series, but who knows what will happen in the future. I’m also not too sure about calling it series, because to me, that kind of suggests that this is going to be a regular thing and will end at some point. Again, at this point, this is not really planned. I just can’t find a better word do use instead.

The first coffee I want to write about is Has Bean’s ETHIOPIA KEBEL KERCHA SIDAMO GUJI NATURAL. When I saw Stephen’s tweet about this coffee I got quite excited and ordered a pack right away. The description Stephen put on the label (which you can read in the first photo in the gallery above) just sounded too good to miss out on this coffee. That was Sunday. And thanks to Has Bean’s brilliant service, I got my 250g of freshly roasted beans in the post yesterday morning, less than 24h after they’d been roasted in Stafford.

I intended to try it first with my new Hario V60 cone (yes, I’m linking to the same video again) which was up posed to arrive this morning, but never did. So instead I made a cup of aero press and a cup of filter.

The aero press brewed cup was a little bit disappointing, to be honest. Though that might be because I used not enough beans, I’m not sure though. Which is why I will try it again soon and report back. But for now, I’m not really impressed with the result. The coffee was quite weak and didn’t have that much flavour to it. Again, I think this is absolutely my fault, since the smell of the beans is amazing. And the filter version was excellent. Brewed as a filter, this coffee is really really, I mean really!, enjoyable. It’s perfectly balanced and has a chocolatey, yet fruity taste, which complement each other perfectly. None of the flavours are too strong so you get the full experience of everything this cup has to offer right away. Cooled down a bit, the coffee gets a bit more fruity or acidity, if you like. Still very enjoyable and surprisingly fresh.

This coffee is, as far as I can tell for now, a great filter coffee. It tastes wonderful and is a really pleasant cup for a rainy day, although I imagine its fruity acidic freshness is great on a nice summer’s day also. I will report back on this when I’ve made the second attempt with the aero press and once my V60 finally arrives.