Just a few hours ago I wrote about the new project of Josh Topolsky, Nilay Patel and Paul Miller. And now I stumble upon this: this is my next podcast.

As Patel writes in the latest post on that website, the three former Engadget editors are going to publish a weekly podcast talking about… well, basically about the same stuff they also talked about in the Engadget podcast. This is great! Those three guys basically WERE the Engadget podcast and now that they left, the podcast won’t be the same anymore.

I’ll subscribe to their new podcast right away and am looking forward to the first episode (it’ll probably be released tomorrow, since they’re recording it this evening).

Also, keep an eye on that website. They’re going to publish articles every now and again; I’m sure it’d be sad to miss those.

This morning, Joshua Topolsky announced on his presonal blog that he’s going to become a writer and the editor in chief for that new, still unnamed, blog:

"part of that new media company will be the as-yet-unnamed gadget and technology site that I’ll be working over the next few months to create. When we launch (hopefully in the fall), I will be editor-in-chief of a property that I hope will inform, entertain, and engage fans of technology in whole new ways"

Sounds very interesting already.

Just a few moments ago TechCrunch published an article with some more names of the people who’ll form that new team around Topolsky. And when I saw that list, I got really excited. I mean… look at it:

"Nilay Patel, Paul Miller, Joanna Stern, Ross Miller, Chris Ziegler, Justin Glow and Dan Chilton"


I can’t wait to see what they are doing and what the blog will be like. I hope it’ll become a great and enjoyable new source for tech news and articles.

I just became a subscribing member of Shawn Blanc’s blog. As of April this year Shawn, one of my favourite bloggers, will become a full time blogger at shawnblanc.com. And he thought about a very clever and nice way to make a bit more money than by just putting ads on his website. If you subscribe for $3 a month (that is 1,16€/£1.18) you get access to a daily podcast and loads more. If you’re interested just click on the link and see what Shawn himself has to say about it. He can explain it in a better way. And!! he has a video about it. So: click